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When it comes to public safety, reliable technology is non-negotiable.

When you partner with Susquehanna Computer Innovations, we begin by learning everything there is to know about how you utilize technology in the office and in the field to save lives.  Based on that initial consultation process, we provide best practices to help determine where your network infrastructure is today, where it needs to be, and how we will get you there.

SCI utilizes our 20+ years of experience to offer vision, strategy assessment, as well as architecture and conceptual design services to help you understand your current network infrastructure in addition to emerging network technologies. Then we formulate a strategy for a flexible and secure high-performance network that’s right for you today and in the future.

Public safety processes are not static; they are living things that are constantly changing and interacting with new participants. Utilizing today’s technologies, SCI will work with you to build dynamic processes that interact with applications, data, and any other elements involved, as well as develop methodologies used to monitor and manage performance across many facets of how you provide public safety.

Network Security

Hacker attacks and viruses are real threats to your industry and how you provide, potentially, lifesaving services. Millions of public and private dollars are wasted every year to remedy them.

SCI offers effective preventative cost measures designed to stop attacks before they happen. We will review your current security protocols and design and implement a solution that fits your needs while leveraging existing investments.

SCI Network Integration and Deployment Services will analyze your existing networks, protocols, and wired and wireless configurations to identify performance, interoperability, and connectivity requirements. We can help you integrate and deploy a complex network infrastructure utilizing multi-vendor technologies.

SCI can help with implementation planning, detailed logical and physical network design, rapid deployment and network rollouts, product installation, customization, and operational services. We can also help with securely converging data, voice and video networks, enabling intelligent network infrastructures, and deploying mobility solutions through technologies like virtual private networking (VPN), video and voice over IP (VoIP), and wireless.

Software and Website Development

Whether your public safety operation requires a simple brochure site or implementation of complex, data-driven web and client/server applications, you can trust SCI’s team of developers to deliver on time and within budget. Our 20+ years of experience with a variety of clients in a variety of industries allows us to quickly determine your operational needs and develop a comprehensive and effective strategy for meeting them.

Need a feature-rich online store? No problem. Or maybe a secure Internet or Extranet application to distribute information amongst your employees or vendors? SCI does those too. We also develop custom client/server and standalone applications that may not use web browsers, but can utilize the power and flexibility of the Internet and your local network.

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