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Looking for a new phone system for your small business? SusqueFLEX Business Phone Solutions by SCI, Inc. provides VoIP digital business phone systems that place a truly Unified Communication System at your fingertips. Digital phone systems are scalable and offer unmatched convenience for companies both large and small. SCI’s partnership with 3CX, a phone software industry leader, allows us to offer VoIP digital phone systems with top of the line features, such as call queues, live chat, video conferencing, CRM integration, security & backup, and more! The 3CX business phone system provides a singular solution for all your communication needs. It also offers the flexibility of on-site or remote working – your team can use the 3CX platform from anywhere with the mobile and browser apps. Not only does this boost employee productivity, but it also slashes communication costs.

Are you ready to upgrade to a hassle-free phone system with minimal management? Let SusqueFLEX bring your company up-to-date with a feature-packed digital office phone system installation. Not convinced yet? Read more about the benefits of VoIP business phone systems here.

Unsure about making the switch?

Contact us for a FREE on-site demo. No commitment necessary.

Phone System

  • Initiate phone calls from your desktop
  • Work remotely from anywhere
  • Take your extension with you wherever you go
  • Participate in video conferences on the road
  • Conference call bridge included
  • Still supports traditional phone lines


  • Smartnode VoIP gateways and routers
  • Control your IP Phone from your desktop
  • Provides massive productivity gains
  • Seamless CTI desktop integration
  • Guaranteed full interop with 3CX products


  • Ready to plug in headsets and speakerphones
  • Maximize your Unified Communications Investment
  • Interoperability provides premium user and audio experience

Voice Service

  • Utilizes latest SIP technology
  • Scalable local and toll-free voice services
  • Digital fax services
  • Keep your current numbers
  • Starting at $24.95/month


  • Monthly remote support
  • 24/7 system & trunk monitoring
  • Nightly phone system backup
  • System changes without site visit
  • System updates included